The Professional Master’s Degree in Library Science (MPB) appears at a time of major reformulations of academic-scientific practice in Brazil, fostering new forms of knowledge production and absorbing new types of research and researchers. MPB, in particular, proposed by the Federal University of Cariri (UFCA), has multiple configurations that are directly associated and deserve effective emphasis.

The first is related to how Librarianship positions itself in this project of expansion and restructuring of Federal Universities, in particular, in one of the dimensions of REUNI that involves the articulation of undergraduate and postgraduate studies considering the qualitative and quantitative expansion of postgraduate studies. oriented towards pedagogical renewal of higher education. The second refers to interdisciplinarity that unfolds in questions of a historical-conceptual, political-institutional, training and functional nature that qualify Librarianship as a field of identity construction that strengthens its theoretical-epistemological bases when moving through and between different areas of knowledge.

It is also worth highlighting the potential interdisciplinary conception of UFCA’s MPB with diverse professionals and researchers from other surrounding institutions. With lines of research that focus on studies on memory, popular and regional culture, management, technologies and reading, MPB allows, on the one hand, that professionals from different courses trained in the Cariri Region, the State of Ceará and the Northeast Region can compose the Program in which students, as well as teachers from these Higher Education Institutions participate in the Program as permanent teachers, collaborators and visitors.

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